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Land Use Planning Division

John Bissell & Associates

Cedar Hollow

Cedar Hollow is a rural cluster subdivision near Monroe, Washington. Snohomish County is the lead regulating agency for this site. The site's value comes from the natural beauty of this forested location sitting on a small private lake. These features also present difficulties. The lake is regulated by a small private dam, and the lake is also habitat for Bull Trout, an endangered species. These two issues combined with the forested condition of the site give jurisdictional authority to three federal agencies, three state agencies, and two local agencies. Each agency has different requirements for protection of lake, associated wetlands and forest. In addition to the permitting challenges for this site, the site has steep slopes, primarily located where the access road was to be sited. Since the value of the site was in the natural beauty, mass grading was not an option.

John Bissell's team overcame each of these often conflicting issues for each of the regulating agencies. Then HBA Design Group designed a grading plan that reduced the grading impact to little more than the area of the access road. The result was a beautiful forested lakeside community.